If work isn’t fun, you are not playing on the right team.

Working at LX media

Make it happen.

We all have different backgrounds and goals in life, but we have one thing in common: We all do our best.

At LX Media, we’re open and transparent. That’s why we give each other constructive feedback. Because there’s always room for improvement..

Our motto is: Ditch the comfort zone! Set high standards and never settle for less.

Online Marketing Manager

If content is king, then conversion is queen.

(Senior) UX Researcher

People ignore design that ignores people. Join our quest for the best UX.

Web Frontend Developer

// life motto
if (sad() === true) {

Content Manager

Content is fire. Social media is gasoline. And you´re the person we´re looking for.

UX/UI Designer (mid-weight)

Design won’t save the world, but it damn sure makes it look good. You got what it takes?

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