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Since its foundation in 1989, CFMOTO has been striving to develop, manufacture, promote and deliver the highest quality motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, side-by-side utility vehicles, powersports engines, parts, gears and accessories. Their products are distributed through more than 3000 companions worldwide. CFMOTO has been climbing the ranks of the global powersports industry, growing its markets across the world.


The main goal for the new website was to give potential new dealers an overview of the CFMOTO brand and portfolio. The first go-live with the landing page was the introduction of the brand itself to the European  market. We used three novel technologies for their new site: storybook, next.js and scarlingo.


To convey a feeling of freedom and adventure, we chose tinted colors in combination with some highlight action images.

We created a dynamic environment where the motorcycles themselves are in the focus.


To get a clear overview of the different categories on the landing page, we included a sub navigation, which appears as soon as the user reaches  the models. On the model detail page, the same sub navigation guides the user through the various details  of the motorcycle.

I highly recommend LX media for creating our CFMOTO website. Their team swiftly resolved any issues and provided excellent support throughout the process. The use of cutting-edge software resulted in a stunning design. The final product closely mirrored the initial wireframes, which was impressive.
Patricia Buttenhauser
Marketing Specialist CFMOTO

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