KTM MotohallKTM MotohallKTM MotohallKTM MotohallKTM MotohallKTM Motohall
KTM MotohallKTM MotohallKTM MotohallKTM MotohallKTM MotohallKTM Motohall

KTM Motohall


KTM Motohall

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Project description

KTM Motohall is a striking metal construction in the form of a tire track pattern that is home to a legendary visitor center for fans from around the world.

KTM asked for a redesign of their old Motohall website, as it didn't have the new KTM feeling and wasn't very user-friendly. So we designed a platform where visitors can plan the perfect Motohall experience.

Creation process

The old website was too confusing, and information was hard to find. This resulted in problems in the allocation of content in the menu. Some things were displayed twice (duplicate content). A well thought-out menu with a clear structure for the different audiences was required.


We created a perfect mix of design & information to both reflect the beauty of the site and make the most important information immediately visible and easy to find for each target audience.

The menu is specially adapted to the respective audience so that every visitor of the website feels oriented and welcome. The entire design is in line with KTM's corporate identity.

Web development

We relied on the CMS Storyblok to enable the playout of the entire content on every device and to be "future proof". A simple administration of the content in the backend was a basic requirement so Motohall can directly manage their content.

The KTM Motohall is much more than just a museum. And presenting that on a website is the challenge. With LX media we have a web agency that supports us in all development topics and optimizes our website for our target group.
Sophie Weichenberger
Digital Marketing Manager DACH Marketing

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