We are LX media.

Coffee in one hand, determination in the other.

We’re a group of developers and designers which don’t fit in a box or stay
between the lines: our bravery and skills are greater than any rule book.

We go the extra mile.

We come to work every day to awesome all over the place!

But this has a purpose, we solve problems.

Our work doesn’t have to be just nice but has to be driven by the willing to help someone and make their life easy or just more interesting!

Your dream clients are here.

We work mainly with leading companies in the motorsport industry and revolutionary technologies in automotive, aerospace and so on.

Also we love to work with startups with
big dreams.

And we follow them in every step.

We don’t look anywhere but ahead.

We always try to learn, share and find out about new technologies. We are curious and not afraid of the unknown and that’s how we grow.

Our activities

We often organise different kind of events, from “Design beer day” where we discuss what’s new in the design world, to “Bring your console day” where we just chillax. In this way we get to know each other better and have fun together.


We like to party in general, but especially when we complete a job and our clients are happy, so this is one of ours “You did a great job” dinner.

Rides at the KTM E-Cross Center

We also like to get dirty and live life at full throttle, that’s why we always enjoy a ride at the KTM E-cross Center in Munderfing.

Bring Your Own Console at Workspace

A thousand different sweets, beers, vintage and contemporary games. That’s all you need to know.

Workspace Kart Trophy

Start your engines! Every year we host a Kart Trophy at Workspace and we fight for the 1st place, so ride it like you stole it.