Creating new potentials together.

This is the motto of our new partnership, into which we will enter at the beginning of 2024. With the turn of the year, we are pooling our strengths together and welcoming the Peritus Crew to join us.

By merging with LX media, we can offer shorter waiting times, a larger portfolio and even more services.
Lisa & David Faber
Management Peritus Webdesign

Peritus x LX media: the best of both worlds

The consolidation of portfolios and expertise enables both sides to expand their range of services. A win-win-win situation for LX media, Peritus and all our customers. After a few discussions, it was immediately clear to us that our strengths and specialisations complement each other perfectly.

Who is Peritus?

Peritus is a small digital agency from Wels that has specialised in individual solutions for websites, web shops and various web applications over the last 10 years. The agency also specialises in digital communication, strategy development and social media support.

Why did the decision to merge come about?

Over the last 10 years, Peritus has grown slowly and steadily and the projects and customers have become bigger and bigger. With a team of four, Peritus supports clients such as Ökopharm, the Synthesa Group/Caparol, Sabtours, PressTheButton and many more. Recently, the digital agency has frequently reached the limits of its resources.

What does this mean for me as a customer?

Nothing will change for existing customers as a result of the merger for the time being. However, clients will benefit from many new opportunities and synergy effects that will result from the collaboration. With our now more than 35 employees even larger projects will not be a problem in future.

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