Abatec GmbH


Österreich, Deutschland


Rebranding, Logodesign, Graphic Design, UX/UI Research and Design, Information Architecture, Prototype, Coding

Abatec deals with customized hi-tech electronic solutions in the industrial and automotive sectors.
The combination of the electrical and technical know-how is maintained in the naming, in which Aba-, the beginning of the word Abacus, refers to the first arithmetic tool based on binary numbers and therefore on the foundations of electronics, and -tec as the short form for the technical skills.

01.The logo

The identity proposed for the company combines its strengths using the structure of the abacus and electrical assemblies as visual elements, used to create patterns or compositions.
In the logo, the two main pieces reflects the company vision: the need to have strong connections between people, work, organizations and aims.

02.The brand

The interconnectivity of electronic systems is visually reflected in the grid used, which represents how binary numbers (1-0) work.
The result is a set of pieces to assemble in new compositions that always leave open the binary relationship between white/black. The monospaced type allows to maintain a tech and systemic aspect.
The abacus, the circles and the lines behave both as an aesthetic element and as a representation of data.

03.The website

The aim for the new website was to reflect the young and tech spirit of the company focusing on new employees and improving the user experience on the entire website. The tight connection between work and lifestyle in Abatec has been expressed in graphic terms and photo feelings, using the new Abatec language as vehicle of the tone of voice.

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