Linz, Wels, Riga


Rebranding, Logodesign, Graphic Design, UX/UI Research and Design, Information Architecture, Prototype, Coding

Avocodo is part of the PIERER Mobility AG, the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Europe. The drive and spirit of the parent company is also part of Avocodo’s identity. It distinguishes Avocodo as a reliable, consistent partner with a strong national and international network. The softwarehouse is based in Linz, Wels and Riga.

01.The brief

In order to convey their expertise in strategic and innovative development, the client required a rebranding of the corporate identity and a redesign of the website.


For Avocodo we created a colour palette made by vivid colours which remind of the digital world and space. Since the company works with development, so with what’s “behind the curtains”, we chose as one of the main colours the Electric Violet: it´s an introspective and powerful colour which represent the future, imagination and ambition. To this colour we paired his opposite, the energetic Galaxy Green, these two are the main colours. The secondary colours are Lunar Eclipse and Jet Black.

03.Logo Design

The brand is done in a way that can be used in various versions, such as logotype, marque, complete logo with the ellipse element. The font used is “Eurostile” by Aldo Novarese. Its linear nature suggests modern architecture, with an appeal both technical and functional. The squarish shapes with their rounded corners evoke the appearance of television screens of the 1950s and 1960s.

04.The Website

Their old website wasn´t showing the real potential of the company in terms of development. The layout was simple and didn´t have an experimental take. The imagery chosen for the website was very corporate, while the softwarehouse itself is young and innovative. 

Our aim was to give more of a tech and digital feeling to it, introducing new elements like animations and photography effects.

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