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Bikes&wheels is a bicycles and e-bikes store located in Wels, Upper Austria. The core of the company is made of people with a strong passion for the bicycle world and therefore they sell the best brands on the market such as Husqvarna Bicycles, Raymon and Trek.

Also they offer a range of services which goes from the e-bike testcenter to the bikefitting and so on.

01.The brief

New name, new logo, new colours. What started with a passion for bicycles ended up in developing a nifty bike-store in Wels. Since they have the finest know-how in bicycles and e-bikes, the client wanted the brand to reflect that.
With that in mind we added some freshness to the new brand, to make it more friendly and also close to the young generation.


For bikes&wheels we created a colour palette made by complementary colours, which in the colour circle are positioned opposite each other. This was done to provide feel of energy and vitality to the viewer. Also we suggest this palette because of its neutrality, in this way is not bonded to a particular brand but can embrace them all.


The logo is designed using a Coolvetica (Foundry: Typodermic, 1999) and has a custom ligature between the ampersand and the letter W.
The brand structure is done in a way that can work in three different versions: one line, two lines and the compressed version.
These versions will be used accordingly to the media chosen, for example the compressed version more likely will be used for social media collaterals.

For the font we used Coolvetica (Foundry: Typodermic, 1999) which is a scratch built sans serif font and recreates the 1970s custom display lettering look with really tight kerning and funky curls.
This is the primary font and is used mainly for print collateral.


We designed and developed a website which shows the innovative spirit of the company, with a flat architecture and some playful animations across it.

In the homepage we integrated the design from the poster, with a big bicycle and organic shapes; structure wise it presents various CTAs according to the services that they offer, so the user can have an overview at a glance.
Also we introduced a component regarding the top offers and the bicycle brands, like Husqvarna Bicycles, Raymon and Trek.

For the showroom we used a three column grid, in order to show the bicycles neatly and in detail. Also we added a filtering system, which slides in from the right, where the user can choose the brand and the purpose.

For the service area we designed a submenu which slides in from the left. Every and each service has a different picture and a small description in order to help the user choosing the right one.

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