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KTM Careers  

KTM Careers




Austria / International


UX/UI research and design, information architecture, prototype, coding

Life is too short to work just anywhere, that is why we created a website for KTM AG to give potential employees the chance to get all the information they need to start a job at KTM.

The client asked for a clear structure to fit all the information they had about all the different work environments at KTM into a new style.

01.The brief

The most important step was to get an overview of all the given information and structure it accordingly. We sorted out the content, in terms of imagery and copy, to give the potential employee the perfect platform to prepare for an interview.


To give the new website a personal touch we created lots of new icons for benefits etc and even hand drawn icons for the apprenticeship page.


The KTM careers website introduces an easy way to find open job positions and combines all the most important information about the KTM AG.

The mobile version of the menu offers a new way to navigate through the page while swiping.

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