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KTM Innovation


Austria / International


UX/UI research and design, information architecture, prototype, coding.

KTM Innovation GmbH is a technology consultant and a developer with expertise in software working in Industry 4.0, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Machine Learning. This is where growth is generated and developed.

Working in the future is their motto, with that in mind we did a restyling of the whole website.

01.The brief

The client asked for a restyling of the website in terms of UX/UI since the information wasn’t structured in a proper way. Also they thought it was important to have a tech feeling that pervades the design.

02.Design process

Our intent was to create a clean structure for the new website to make it easy for the user to find all the information about the various projects. In order to have that tech feeling we designed a new set of icons and used photos with a glitchy touch.


We developed two animated sliders for the homepage to easily find and navigate between projects and the streams.
In addition to that we created a contact form that fades in and out.

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