Pankl Racing Systems  

Pankl Racing Systems  

Pankl Racing Systems


Pankl Racing Systems




UX/UI, research and design, information architecture, prototype, coding.

Pankl Racing Systems develops, manufactures, maintains and distributes mechanical systems in the high tech field for dynamic components in the global niche markets of motor racing, luxury automobiles and the aviation industry.

We were asked to do a restyling of their website to help users understand their work and eventually contact them for collaborations; also to differentiate PANKL from its competitors and placing them as the leading company in racing systems.

01.The discovery process

Our first job was to understand better the world of Pankl Racing Systems in order to create something that helps the user to get in this world. So we did research and meetings with the client to ask them more questions and to have a proper explanation of their work.

02.Information architecture

Once we got all the necessary information, we had to sort it out and make it easy to understand to reach as well the non-technical users. So, to achieve this, we create a flow with a flat architecture to let them explore easily the various topics on the website.

03.Design process

The design made for Pankl reflects the brand itself: so it has a corporate and minimal feeling. Also we added some elements, like the menu, which wink to the tech world.

In general we preferred to keep it clean and simple with the use of a modular layout, since the website is loaded with information.

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