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Pierer Mobility AG  

Pierer Mobility AG


Pierer Mobility AG




Project strategy, UX/UI Design, Prototype, Coding.

Pierer Mobility AG is the largest European motorcycle manufacturer, technology and market leader in the respective segments.

The company wanted to present their three core areas: sports motorcycles, design and concept development, eMobility. Plus a way for investors to call up the current share price and company information at any time.

Our solution: design an Investor Relations area and make a query of the share price via the SIX stock exchange; create a platform for current news and ad hoc reports; build a detailed presentation of the brands owned by the group. Also we created a low maintenance representation of the group structure.

01.Information architecture

There was already an existing website but the information wasn’t structured in a good way, so at the beginning our job was to sort out all the content in a proper way to understand, for the generic user and for the investors.

02.Design process

With the new design we wanted to show mainly the brands that the company owns and give more prominence to investor relation needs, like showing the stock price at the top of the page and in general providing a good overview regarding the stock market.


It was important to create a multilingual website, since the audience is global and implemented a system in order to have constantly updated information regarding stock prices. We created as well an adhoc news section, to make the process easy for the client to go immediately live with important and investors related news.

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