Westpark Wels AG




UX/UI research and design, information architecture, prototype, coding.

Westpark Wels is a building complex located in the Lichtenegg district, in the western part of the city of Wels, Austria. Westpark lives from a combination of modern service centers and high-quality residential properties.

The client asked to create an easy platform to show free areas inside Westpark and to present properly the complex history.

01.The discovery process.

Our job was to understand first the history and the structure of the district, in order to create a correct information architecture. Also we sorted out the content, in terms of imagery and copy, to give more prominence to the architecture itself, since it’s the main focus of this complex.


As we said the architecture of the buildings is really important, and because of that we gave prominence to the pictures, using large sizes and displaying all the different angulations of the buildings. Also we designed a timeline, which covers more than a hundred years of history, to show all the important steps in Westpark development.


We introduced an easy way for editors to include more buildings in the website and also add available spaces to rent.

Regarding user experience, we included an easy way to get in touch with the right person via a contact form, where the user can select directly the space he wants to rent. Plus we implemented in the website a customised Google Map with preset filters, where the user can see what’s in the surroundings of Westpark, such as schools, restaurants, supermarkets, doctors and so on.