Workspace Wels




UX/UI research and design, information architecture, prototype, coding

“Workspace Wels provides plenty of space for your business.”

With this claim the shared office gives small companies and startups the opportunity to grow in a safe space without worrying about daily stuff like cleaning a coffee machine or providing a proper meeting room for clients.

The offices are fully furnished and equipped and there is the possibilities range from private offices to an open space with fixed desks.

The architecture is intended to encourage professional networking and events.

01.The Brief

Our client asked for a restyling of their old website to communicate their services in a more structured way and mirror the architecture of the space which consists of glass walls, bright colours, minimalistic and high end furniture.

02.The Website

Inspired by the logo and the architecture of the place, we created a minimalistic design and used light colors for the new website .

Our focus was to give users a clean overview of what to expect when they arrive at the Workspace Wels.

03.TedX partner

Workspace Wels is a partner of TedX, which means that TedX gets free meeting rooms if they are needed for a speaker in the course of an event.

These events are organized by passionate individuals who seek to uncover new ideas and to share the latest research in their local areas that spark
conversations in their communities, such as the Workspace coworkers.

With a very prominent sticky sidebar, this partnership is easy to spot on the

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