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WP Suspension is an Austrian manufacturer of components for motorcycles and counts on decades of experience and expertise to provide that essential upgrade to a motorcyclist, when he needs the best performance in ride. When it comes to racing, WP Suspension is part of the KTM Group, achieving great results in SX/MX, rallies and MotoGP.

The client asked for a website restyling, we took care of the development and the design studio KISKA designed the user interface.

01.Project strategy

Together with KISKA, we explored the possibilities in terms of user experience and interface. Our task was to figure out what was possible in development according to the data provided.


We developed a system to import data with just one click, to make it very straightforward for the client, and this system applies to the different areas of the website.

Also, we implemented the process regarding the product finder: the user will first choose his bike, then he will get the matching products for his selection and eventually send an inquiry to the closest authorized center.

03.Ongoing support

We introduced as well the user manual section which is also available in the product finder, where the user can directly search for his bike, related products and of course the related documents.

Plus we also constantly do support and security updates.