We are LX media.

Many hands.

One mind.

We’re a group of developers and designers which don’t fit in a box or stay between the lines: our determination and skills are greater than any rule book.

01. User Experience

We got nerve and a design with intent approach.
Our team always experiment in order to find a solution for every business challenge.

For us a good user experience is the one that meets a specific user need in a precise context, that’s why we go deep and do a detailed analysis of your market situation to help you reach your goals.

02. Web Development

Web is one of the most important channels for audience interaction.

Our goal is to bring to life your ideas and meet the needs of your target group. We want you to be unique as your company is.

03. E-Commerce

Where shopping in a store was once the predominant way to shop, online shopping became a preferred way to shop for consumers around the globe.

That’s why a kicking e-commerce strategy is the answer to the new consumer shopping habits. We will create a seamless experience between online and offline shopping and a personalised customer experience to meet all the expectations.

04. Digital Marketing

Why should you start doing digital marketing?
First of all because your company should meet the audience where they are already spending a lot of time: on the internet.

With an online presence, through social media, newsletters and Google adverts, you can reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Plus, you can track your results and measure any aspect of your marketing efforts using analytics softwares.

05. Branding

We are not talking about just a logo, fonts or colours.

Branding is basically problem-solving. Why?
Because a good brand will deliver clearly your message; confirms the brand’s credibility in the market; motivates the buyer to make a purchase and creates user loyalty.

A logo has to be simple enough to be memorable, but powerful enough to make the right impression.

Our process is about

crafting solutions.

We don’t design for brands, we design for people
interacting with them.