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The Pierer Mobility Group comprises three of the most innovative brands in the motorcycle industry: KTM, Husqvarna Motorcycles and GASGAS. They also specialize in electric bicycles with the brands Raymon and Felt. All of these premium performance brands have their own identities and audiences.

As an umbrella brand, Pierer Mobility communicates on a corporate level and does not directly interact with consumers.
It was our mission to create a new Corporate Identity and communicate the brands passion and the way Pierer Mobility supports the individual growth and success of all brands.

01.The logo

A brand mark conveys the spirit and values of a brand. It should be simple to foster brand recognition, as well as timeless, so it will remain fresh for many years. The new Pierer Mobility brand mark features dynamic lines, which communicate power and speed.
Inspired by the racing world, it resembles the front of a bike. The “P” is a great tool for the audience to quickly connect with the brand. Also, it is smaller than the full logo, which makes it easier to use when space is limited.

02.The pattern

Brand patterns are exciting branding elements. They play an important role in creating strong brand recognition, bringing depth to a brand identity and creating a memorable brand experience at every touchpoint. The Pierer Mobility brand pattern is based on squares, which have been derived from the previous logic of their brands. The squares represent the constellation of the brands in the group. The pattern is simple and progressive. It communicates the brand’s technical background as well as the focus on innovation.

03.The group

Whenever all the other group brands are featured, they are going to be arranged in one line, in their horizontal version, and just with the logotype. They will be shown either all together, as illustrated above, or individually.
When presented together in one line, the logos are used in black.

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