User Experience & Design

Positive customer experiences

Positive customer and user experiences don't happen by chance. They are carefully designed. Based on their experience, happy users will revisit your website or app.

From LX Media we get everything around our marketing from a single source. And that top-professionally, competently and reliably!
Michael Landl
managing director bikes&wheels

UX research

The best UX design is based on thorough research. We'll analyze your products and your audience to deeply understand your customers' needs. Then we'll create a logical structure for your website or application that is in sync with your users.

Holistic user-centered design

A holistic user-centered design consistently incorporates the perspective of your audience into the design process of your website or digital application. This ensures that the final product will meet the needs and expectations of your users and wow them with a smooth experience.

Intuitive information and navigation structures

Intuitive information and navigation structures are a key component of user-centered design. A high degree of process orientation guarantees the best usability and user-friendliness. This includes both the content and structure of your digital product, its textual and content design as well as cutting-edge visuals and functionality. 

From one-pagers to complex applications

We will design your digital applications, from simple one-pagers and web portals to complex, interactive online applications and mobile apps. 

Conversion optimization

We use pragmatic solutions to effectively increase  conversion, putting a spotlight on research. A symbiotic relationship between design and user experience provides the foundation for increased  website revenues. 

UI & UX consulting

We design products for people. To fulfill user needs and to satisfy business goals. By creating the best interfaces along with highly intuitive user journeys, we provide your customers with a seamless user experience. 

Our UX/UI team knows exactly, which steps to take.

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